Ali Milner: A Triple Threat in Voice

By Biggs
Name: Ali Milner
When did you get started. First spot etc: 
WAVE productions was in fact my very first introduction to the VO and advertising world. I was called in when my friend, Andrew Allan, suggested me for a singing spot. While there, we talked about how much I’d like to try my hand at voice-over. The WAVE family was lovely enough to help me put together my first demo and the rest is history! Now they’re helping me book international television spots and sing and speak for a living. It’s a beautiful thing.
Other professional endeavours:
I’m a professional musician. I work under the moniker Willa (my middle name) and release electronic/dark pop. I’m also a film and television actor. I’m lucky to call creativity my day job!
Personal Interests. Music, food, movies, books ?????: 
I love reading, I love being outside (hiking, swimming, biking, paddle boarding), I love my dog, I love my family, I love my friends, I love new music, I love films, I love television shows, I love good food.
Fave spot or session:
I really enjoyed working on the Shomi international television spot… Fun team, great project! I also just had a role on My Little Pony as Princess Ember (a princess dragon!). Really loved doing that and seeing the other VO actors be all sorts of characters!
Below are some links to work I’ve done and songs I’ve sung:


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