Playland “Creepy Twins”

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Ocean’s Tuna “Cooking Show”

Cooking is made easy, thanks to Ocean’s Tuna.

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Egg Producers “So Very Good”

Wave got cracking with Groovetime Creative’s direction and created this unforgettable, relentless reminder of the benefits of eggs. Isn’t that what a jingle is supposed to do?

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YWCA Hotel “Business” Radio

A spot that invites you to stay at the YWCA Hotel for all the right reasons.

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Vancouver Aquarium “Dub” Radio

We were up close and personal with the animals at the Vancouver Aquarium to create this track using their ‘voices’.

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Playland Revelation “Camera” Radio

Hang on to your hat and ??. A wild ride for both rider and camera through the amazing sound design of Craig Warrian.

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Pacific Blue Cross “Bilkington X ray” Radio

Would you go half way around the world to work with John Cleese? Oh yeah! We did this via remote from Durban South Africa and, Mr. Cleese brought his very own stop watch and a few ideas. An absolute pleasure to work with.

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Splashdown Park “30 Years” Radio

This was quite the challenge to record our announcer live as he rode the water on site. Craig Warrian discovered that a condom is perfect protection for an underwater microphone. Genius.

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Science World “Bacteria” Radio

Everyone loves to take a shot at Nickelback. This is one in a series of Science World brilliance from Rethink’s Rob Tarry.

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McDonald’s “Strawberry/Mango/Peach Smoothie” Radio

We were asked to compose music that reflected just the three simple ingredients in McDonald’s Smoothie. Key of Delicious featuring the vocal talents of Ali Milner, Rebecca Shoichet and Austin Nash-Park.

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Crimestoppers “Math” Radio

Kids, math and the world of the drug trade. Great illustration of the exploitation of children.

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1 800 Got Junk “Basement” Radio

True ‘theatre of the mind’ was created with this radio – you can see those stacks of newspapers and smell the basement. And then there’s the rats…

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BMW “Wake Up” Radio

A day in our modern hectic world is portrayed in 30 seconds with award winning sound from Wave’s Craig Warrian.

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O’My “Vibrator Band” Radio

Good, good, good vibrations – and of course authentic ‘instruments’ were used to create these tunes.

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McDonald’s “Buttons” Radio

Brilliant Sound by Craig Warrian illustrating the effect of over indulging.

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The Making of OSB Radio

Sometimes you have to go where you shouldn’t to get the right ambience. Sometimes it involves danger. This time both. Check out our crew braving the elements to capture the right backdrop for these award winning spots.

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