Voice Recording

First things first. Let’s get a talented voice actor into the studio and record them with a high-quality microphone.  We are experts in all kinds of voice recording including voiceover, singing, and ADR.

Voice Direction

We have years of experience directing talent on the mic. Keeping sessions creative, yet efficient and on track is an art. Of course, if you’d like to be more hands-on with directing that’s totally fine too. You can have your own talkback button, and we’ll keep our yaps shut and mark your “keeper” takes.


With a deep knowledge of Vancouver’s vast voice talent market, we can help you find the perfect voice for your project. Tell us what you have in mind for a script and we’ll supply custom auditions for you to peruse at your leisure. Or if you’re short on leisure time, we can recommend a shortlist of voices that we know will do a fantastic job.

Contracting and Payments

Paying talent fees is rarely a simple task. Luckily we are experts. Let us handle the complexities of negotiations, contracts, pay scales, and usages.

Remote Recording

Need to book out of town talent? No problem. We patch with studios all over the world via Source Connect, ISDN bridge, etc. You can be here (or at home in your jammies), and your voice talent can be anywhere (with a good studio).