Original Music

Writing music for advertising is how Wave got started, and it’s still our favourite thing to do! Let’s produce a bespoke piece of music for your project no matter the vibe or genre. Original music allows for the most sonic flexibility, total connection with your story arc from intro to crescendo, and most importantly, is 100% unique to your project and brand. From a two-second mnemonic/sting, to full-length tracks, we’ve got you covered.

Music Licensing

Want to raise the profile of your project and access the equity in a hit song? With connections all over the music industry, we can make it happen for you. Already know what song you’re looking for? Great. If not, we’ll scour the globe for songs that will work for you.

Stock Music

If budget and timelines are tight (are they ever not?) stock libraries can be very useful tools. We have extensive knowledge and experience using a huge variety of music libraries. Whatever your budget, we can find the perfect track for your project – and quickly!