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Crispy Mini’s ‘Unexpectedly Flavourful’

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Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 1.25.32 PM

BC Dairy “Cop Car”

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Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 9.52.28 AM


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Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 2.03.43 PM

Miller Lite “Backyard”

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Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 2.46.21 PM


BrokerLink Insurance is ready for the moments you aren’t.

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Netflix PM

Netflix “Pep Talk” TV

Coach finds the perfect words to motivate his team and we create the perfect music to celebrate the successful ‘pep talk’.

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Beast Image

Playland “Teacups” TV

The line between having fun and being scared out of your mind is blurred at Playland.

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Brokerlink Car

BrokerLink “Satellite” TV

The sky is falling! What does that sound like? CraigZ created this beautiful, convincing soundscape.

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Pain Image

Pain BC “Duct Tape” TV

You might be able to feel the duct tape tearing your skin as you watch this PSA.

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SKIP “You Never Know” TV

This piece of music was composed by Mark Mothersbaugh under the direction of our own Marc Wild.

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Snack time

Snack Time “Camping” TV

Hilarious spot and great art direction. The right casting completes these award-winning animations for Milk West.

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Shaw - Bot Love

Shaw “Bot Love” TV

Our Shaw Bot finds love at first byte. Original music by Bob Smart.

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Gibsons PM

Gibson’s Whiskey “Tastefully Dressed” TV

Do clothes make the man? Or is it the Whiskey he drinks? In this case, both. Original music by our Music Supervisor Marc Wild.

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Grolsch Beer “Vending Machine” TV

Beer has never been scarier. A special promo for the Toronto International Film Festival.

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Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 10.27.45 AM

Sheridan Illustration “Graduate Show” TV

Fun project for our composers: Lively and interesting music needed to drive :60 stop-motion animation.

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Mr Lube

Mr. Lube “Keep on Rockin'” TV

Stuck in the 80’s? Turn Me Loose provides the perfect vibe for headbands and moustaches.

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BC Children’s Hospital “IV Stand” TV

A young boy’s compelling journey and a beautiful music track from local artist Leathan Milne underscoring the sentiment.

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BC Hydro “Two Chickens To Paralyse” TV

“Excuse me while I kiss this guy”. Ever since Hendrix there have many opinions on lyrics. Here are 3 of them. Thankfully there is the internet.

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TAke my Breath

A&W “Take My Breath Away” TV

The bliss of the burger featuring local vocalist Kelly Brock on our arrangement of Berlin’s Take My Breath Away.

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Pink Shirt Day - Bully

Pink Shirt Day “Make Some Noise” TV

This is a video that cleverly employs the idea that Bully’s should be exposed the moment they initiate bad behaviour.

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Nintendo “Jib” TV

Must have ben a challenge in casting a man with a very small brain but Nintendo makes a great case for “use it, or lose it.”

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Mothers Against Drunk Driving “Family” TV

Great use of bringing iconic characters to life to illustrate a powerful message. Music by Bob Smart.

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Playland - AtmosFear 1

Playland “Atmos Fear” TV

Playland and the ultimate ride from the design up.

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Bell Mobility “Air Band” TV

There’s no arguing the authenticity of the drum crash in this TV spot for Bell Mobility. After all, it was created by recording a drum kit repeatedly dropped from the top of our building. How else would you do that?

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