Bell Mobility “Air Band” TV

There’s no arguing the authenticity of the drum crash in this TV spot for Bell Mobility. After all, it was created by recording a drum kit repeatedly dropped from the top of our building. How else would you do that?

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Sport Chek “Soccer Girl The Zone” TV

Beautiful slow mo of a girl and a ball. We liked her so much, we hired her. Bethany Brown on the ball and the voice.

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1 800 Got Junk “Basement” Radio

True ‘theatre of the mind’ was created with this radio – you can see those stacks of newspapers and smell the basement. And then there’s the rats…

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Future Shop “Play Games” TV

Convincing someone that you need the latest and greatest. We’ve all done it. Well, maybe you didn’t go this far. Our original track provides a perfect pathetic backdrop.

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A&W “Balloon Boy” TV

This ascension of helium voices was created in studio by Craig Warrian as were the various post sound effects. Quite a challenge without any source sound to work with.

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BMW “Wake Up” Radio

A day in our modern hectic world is portrayed in 30 seconds with award winning sound from Wave’s Craig Warrian.

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Science World “Ice Creamy Goodness” TV

What is it about the scent of Vanilla and older ? Science Explains.

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O’My “Vibrator Band” Radio

Good, good, good vibrations – and of course authentic ‘instruments’ were used to create these tunes.

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McDonalds “Peach O Matic” Radio

Make music using a blender? Sure! Or, If you ever want to make rock with a lawnmower, Bob Smart is your guy.

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McDonald’s “Buttons” Radio

Brilliant Sound by Craig Warrian illustrating the effect of over indulging.

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The Making of Kal Tire “You Gotta Roll With Me”

We were asked to record and produce the original track commission by Kal Tire and written by Andrew Allan who is an amazingly talented singer and songwriter.

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The Making of A&W “It Takes Two”

Road trip to Warehouse studios for live “off the floor” music record. Great day spent with so many great musicians and here’s how we remade this classic song.

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The Making of OSB Radio

Sometimes you have to go where you shouldn’t to get the right ambience. Sometimes it involves danger. This time both. Check out our crew braving the elements to capture the right backdrop for these award winning spots.

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The Making of Bell Mobility “Air Band” TV

We couldn’t talk a drummer into jumping off our roof so we used the next best thing. A set of drums. Two drops and the drums were done. Well worth the effort.

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The Making of “Trading Places”

Here’s how a $5 bike created a very expensive sounding design by Craig Warrian.

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Comedy Night 2016

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