BC Children’s Hospital “Snowball”

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Alberta Government: “Don’t You Get it” TV

Dramatic look at STD’s and the need to recognize symptoms. Great track licensed from Red1 formally, the Rascalz, a Juno award winning artist.

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Mr. Lube “Keep on Rockin'” TV

Stuck in the 80’s? Turn Me Loose provides the perfect vibe for headbands and moustaches.

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BC Children’s Hospital “IV Stand” TV

A young boy’s compelling journey and a beautiful music track from local artist Leathan Milne underscoring the sentiment.

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BC Hydro “Two Chickens To Paralyse” TV

“Excuse me while I kiss this guy”. Ever since Hendrix there have many opinions on lyrics. Here are 3 of them. Thankfully there is the internet.

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A&W “Take My Breath Away” TV

The bliss of the burger featuring local vocalist Kelly Brock on our arrangement of Berlin’s Take My Breath Away.

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The Making of Kal Tire “You Gotta Roll With Me”

We were asked to record and produce the original track commission by Kal Tire and written by Andrew Allan who is an amazingly talented singer and songwriter.

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The Making of A&W “It Takes Two”

Road trip to Warehouse studios for live “off the floor” music record. Great day spent with so many great musicians and here’s how we remade this classic song.

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