Don’t Change Much “Birdie”

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Pain BC “Duct Tape” TV

You might be able to feel the duct tape tearing your skin as you watch this PSA.

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Sheridan Illustration “Graduate Show” TV

Fun project for our composers: Lively and interesting music needed to drive :60 stop-motion animation.

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BC Children’s Hospital “IV Stand” TV

A young boy’s compelling journey and a beautiful music track from local artist Leathan Milne underscoring the sentiment.

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Pink Shirt Day “Make Some Noise” TV

This is a video that cleverly employs the idea that Bully’s should be exposed the moment they initiate bad behaviour.

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Mothers Against Drunk Driving “Family” TV

Great use of bringing iconic characters to life to illustrate a powerful message. Music by Bob Smart.

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Crimestoppers “Math” Radio

Kids, math and the world of the drug trade. Great illustration of the exploitation of children.

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