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Advertising WITHOUT Sound

March 16, 2016

Wave is all about great sound! Doesn’t matter if a spot is for radio, television, or online – it should sound fantastic. We believe that placing the right sound effect or musical composition is the difference between a good commercial, and a great commercial. The world of social media, however, starting with Facebook, is attempting to change the way they advertise with sound. Earlier last month Facebook announced that it would help aid in sound-free environments, by automatically creating closed captioning in video advertisements for mobile devices. This is something previously that advertisers were able to do, but Facebook is now taking over the job. According to the website, this will also allow brands to effectively find out which percentage of their spots are viewed with or without sound. With research proving that 41% of advertisements are pointless without sound, it will be intriguing to see how far social media is able to take silent advertisements.
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