Beyond the Mic

Bill Courage: Reeeeecolaaaaa!

January 23, 2018

Recall that commercial? That was my first national spot a thousand years ago. I was still in radio at the time blending hosting a show with a freelance voice career. It’s been all voice all the time for years now. There’s been some fun material; the Happy Water tv campaign was funny, Cariboo Beer did cool and effective spots, the imaging they write for me to voice at Teamrock Radio in London, England is weird and original, won the silver at the British Radio Imaging Awards beating out all of the BBCs, among others. The writings so often the thing, right?

Radio and acting were naturals. My family were entertainers for several generations dating back to Vaudeville in the 1920s. And it carried on. My son Holden paints, daughter Sophia plays music, both are very funny, as is wife Liesl, an accomplished theatre director and playwright. It’s always been super easy remaining humble and grounded surrounded by talented family.

Sophia and I actually won a Canadian Music Award together, a Juno for our narration work on Devin Townsends Metal Album of the Year “Ziltoid”, a concept album. A wickedly talented guy and great dude. The only thing I can play on guitar is a little blues, perhaps Tom Pettys Free falling, and I have a Juno? That’s all on Devin.

I often still get asked why I’m not in radio anymore. Animation, narration, commercials, trailers, radio and tv imaging, and business projects, all of it can keep a guy busy. With voice work, it’s the variety of the projects and hanging with the talented writers, producers and staff, like Colin, Craig and the crew at Wave that make it an excellent full-time career. That, and theno heavy lifting thing.