Beyond the Mic

Brian Dobson: A man of many voices, and brothers.

February 10, 2016

When did you get started?  First spot etc. – Hmmm… that was many moons ago but I recall it being a Lotto spot. It was a really fast paced character read. I was terrified!

Other professional endeavours? – Currently working as the voice for Global Television news media nationally. Lots of voice work for animation in TV and film on the go.

Personal Interests? Cars, music, food ????? Lots of music, I play guitar, bass, mandolin and ukulele. I love the outdoors, travel, good food and wine.

Family?  Recently becoming a dad has put a fantastic new twist on life, we are enjoying our new family immensely. Also, I am brother to Michael and Paul Dobson who are also very successful voice artists. Wave once hired the three of us to do a spot together for Subaru that was in the direction of Monty Python’s Whicker Island. Each of us finishing each other’s lines. It was a blast.

Fave spot or session? – That’s a tough one but more recently I played an old man who morphed back and forth into a monster truck announcer for OSUM Radio. The session was a riot.