Beyond the Mic

Colin Murdock: Talking Silly For A Living

July 20, 2016

Colin grew up on a 3000 acre ranch in the interior of BC, looking for cows in the marsh and trying to trap squirrels. His own funny voices, sadly, were his only company.

But really, he owes his entire career to a guy named Larry Biddlecombe who helped him discover the value of these same voices. Larry was 16 years old and drove his motorbike to school in grade 8. He used to hold Colin up against the wall in the boy’s locker room and angrily say, “Do Siegfried!” Colin would do his impression of Bernie Kopell as the character in Get Smart and Larry would let him go. True story. The squirrels, too actually.

Once he discovered he could make girls laugh doing the same thing, that set him on a singular course of destiny: talking silly for a living.

Since then he has voiced lots of radio and TV spots, acted on stage and TV, hosted television shows, and created the voices for hundreds of cartoon characters. He was nominated for a Gemini for voice acting in 2011 and won the 2012 Leo Award for “Best Performance in an Animated Film.”