Elysia Rotaru: A Voice from Wonderland

By Biggs

When did you get started? I First got started in 2011 with a radio spot for T-booth Wireless

Personal Interests? Beekeeping, the outdoors, travelling, beaches driving, good people, good music, good food and a good glass of wine or beer:)

Fave spot or session? My fave spot at the moment is something I recorded last year for a new car share in Vancouver called EVO, I’m the voice in the cars and on line. It’s so cool working on local projects like that.  When I did a spot for Play Land last summer it was the same feeling, I grew up going there and now I am a part of it’s growth.  So rad!!!

Thoughts?  Overall all the work is fun and challenging in it’s own way as every session is different. I love what I do and all the people involved who support and encourage me.  I am excited and grateful that I am granted amazing opportunities where I can practice my craft and help others achieve their goals as well. I love collaborating on projects, getting creative, working hard and having FUN. The sound booth is like my “wonderland”, adventures always!

“How puzzling all these changes are! I’m never sure what I’m going to be, from one minute to another.” 


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