France Perras. A voice as beautiful as the city.

May 9, 2015

People ask me about my name and how it came about. My parents met (not for the first time) late one night, on a train, from Paris to Barcelona…. and that night was a heated train ride…which resulted in….:)
Most people out here pronounce it “France Paris”- and so it’s kind of caught on…but in French it’s pronounced “France Pairra”

I started knocking on Wave’s door about 15 years ago. Took me a while to convince them that I could speak English.

I LOVE music….but somehow I’m so old-school that I still haven’t transferred my tapes or CD’s or vinyl….someday!!

(anything from Skid Row to Margot and the Nuclear So & So’s, from The Pixies to Ariana Grande…)

I play the piano and long to continue playing – but I’m rusty!!

I LOVE movies – especially independent Quebec films.

I have an awesome brother and sister as well as an amazing mom and dad. But truly – my friends are my family – and I gots a lot!!

My favourite session? Auditions blend into gigs – and so it’s hard to differentiate one from the other. But I did have the best time doing a Shaw gig one day – where I tried to pitch myself as Bits little sister. And then as the dog. The client and agency laughed. Hard. So did Craig Z. They then proceeded to tell me that I could only have one part. Darnit. I tried! So I became the voice of Shaw.

I love WAVE – I truly do. I feel lucky to get to come to work with such a lovely, awesome family, who appreciates me for who I am – and what I can bring to the table….

From John sitting and having coffee with me, to Colin’s fruity coffees, to Craig W’s smiles and hugs to Craig Z’s great stories to Megan’s laugh and learning the ukulele and Marc’s awesome tunes/dj sets to Barrie’s awesome lunches and Bob’s amazing pictures of stars and planets-

I am lucky!!