Beyond the Mic

Ian James Corlett

June 2, 2015

May, 2015


I started in voiceover when I was making student films as a young teen. Because a lot of my early films were animated, I would voice my own productions. In 1984 I began to notice that there was a “core” group of voice actors doing a lot of commercials in Vancouver. I immediately thought, “I could do that!” and peppered the local production houses with my demo reels (a new one every 6 months).

My very first on-air commercial was for the ad agency, Young/Ross/Anthony. The radio commercial was for Woodward’s department stores and specifically the young men’s jean department, The Brass Plum. The voice was a Jeff Spicoli dude-style, price and item read.


If I could hang it all up tomorrow and live without financial concerns (and had a few million in the bank) I would become a full-time race-car driver. And just to be clear, it wouldn’t much matter to me what kind of car I was racing. I’d race anything. Having said that, I think my personal choice would be Sportscars/GT3. I always said Paul Newman started at 47… I missed that milestone.


Father of two, husband of one. My son Philip is entering university this year and Claire continues to tear up the world of VO and acting. My wife Sandra does neither of those and is a better person for it! She’s the sane one in the family.


That’s a bit like picking a favorite child. Of course most people know I have picked a favorite child. My favorite son is Philip. I honestly cannot remember a favorite session. However, I do remember favorite people to work with. There were times in the old days recording with Phil Hayes, Brent Chapman and myself that I was laughing so hard I could hardly breathe. And as a very broad statement I always loved getting calls from Wave because they would let me do two of my favorite characters, Woody Allen and a generic Swami. Good times.