Beyond the Mic

Jason Simpson: The Man with the Bullhorn

December 14, 2016

When did you get started? 
I got my start in voiceover back in the year 2000; my agent asked me if I did voiceover work, of course I said “Absolutely!” That was a lie, I had done no such voicing over of anything in my life. So, I jumped into it and I loved every second of it and I started booking stuff and working lots at WAVE and now, well now, I’m kind of the best at it. According to my kids.

Fave spot or session? 
Every session at WAVE is a dream cuz I never want to leave there, but one session will always stand out. To set the scene, in one of the studios there was a shelf with a plethora of gadgets, knick knacks and musical instruments: shakers, sticks, assorted microphones, mallets, and a bull horn. Every session in that studio, I’d look at that bullhorn. One day, we’ll work together, I would softly whisper to that horn. And then, that one day, I rolled into the studio and Craig said to me, “Jason, we’re gonna get you to yell these lines. And he handed me the bullhorn. I cried. That bullhorn and I made sweet voice over music together. We didn’t win any awards. But it was magical. WAVE is the place where dreams come true.

Personal Interests? 
If you’re still with me at this point, you’ll love this: things I’m interested in! To start, almost every morning I’m in the gym at 5:30am. Some days I’m Super Interested in not doing that, but with the right amount of sleep I’m totally into it. Movies? I LOVE them. I watch too many. But it is my lot in life. I’ve played drums for 20+ years and I am awesome at trying hard to play them well.I have two Labradors and they are the best. I’m veeeery interested in hanging with them as much as possible.

I have a pretty rad family. My wife loves me, lives with me and puts up with me, so she’s got to be genetically enhanced by science or something. My daughter and son are amazing little humans. They love lacrosse, acting, lame jokes and mac and cheese with ketchup, well on their way to being excellent adults like their dad. As much as I resist, they make me a better person.

Other Professional Endeavours? 
Aside from trying to persuade people into using my voice for any and all commercials, cartoons, video games and everything else that could possibly need a voice, I try to show off my good looks on television and movie screens as much as I can.

I also make a living pursuing graphic design, drawing, painting and sculpting. Basically my professional endeavours are all artistic outlets that allow me to work while avoiding actual work.