Behind the Scenes

“Life on the Spectrum” Podcast

August 14, 2019

Wave is always thrilled for an opportunity to listen to new media, learn something new, and support a good cause.

Recording and producing VO for the Life on the Spectrum podcast allowed us to do all of these things.
We think podcasting is an effective way to entertain people, and is more prevalent than ever, with over 500,000 + podcasts on every topic you can think of, and around 10 million listeners in Canada alone.

Podcasts like “Life on the Spectrum” are educating and connecting communities of people all over the world.
Craig Zarazun has been fortunate enough to help out with the lovely people working on the “Life on the Spectrum” podcast. He has recorded a couple of sessions donated by Wave, and has enjoyed listening and getting to know the teens and parents involved in the series.

Katie Bennison, the creator and host of the podcast, also has a teen daughter living with autism, and provides her first-hand knowledge and experience to this passion project.

Life on the Spectrum is made up of contributions of real-life stories like these, and interviews with experts.

Craig got to sit down and listen to the teens talk about school, friendships and the future. The group discussed both the challenges and positives of living on the Spectrum. The Autism Spectrum is a range of conditions characterized by challenges, unique strengths, and differences with social skills, repetitive behaviours, speech and nonverbal communication.

Craigs contribution to the podcast was educational and worthwhile, being blown away by the unique qualities and authenticity of the group of teens. He believes that we can all learn a lot from them.

Life on the Spectrum podcast will be live soon and the organizers are encouraging the public to share their experiences and to help others in the autism community. The mission of the podcast is to be a source of information and support for individuals and families seeking advice about autism, from an early age into adulthood, and to build an inclusive and diverse community that connects people together.

Listen to the podcast on the website and find out more about the community they have been building.