Beyond the Mic

Matt Ellis: Active Guy with an Active Voice

April 20, 2016

When did you get started?
I’ve been working in film/tv and theatre since the early 00’s but I was a little later on the VO front…I didn’t start doing VO work until 2009. The first job I ever did was actually at Wave! It was a demo recording for 7-11, which I guess doesn’t really count as a spot. The first spot I ever did was also at Wave! A dark, ICBC don’t-text-while-you’re-driving ad.

Other Professional Endeavours? 
I am a Tennis Canada Certified Club Professional 2 tennis coach and I currently coach privately on my own, as well as part-time at the Vancouver Lawn Tennis Club. I also play guitar and sing songs.

Personal Interests?
I am a major Beatles, Frames, Pearl Jam, Radiohead, Ryan Adams, Jeff Buckley, k-os, and Eminem freak. I am also a guitar freak. And a cycling freak. And a Federer freak. And a Simpsons freak. And a Wire freak. And a bit of a yoga freak. And sadly, a bit of a Canucks freak.

Family? I have an amazing wife, Amanda, who supports my (crazy) choice of career & together we have 2 amazing boys, Miles and Shea.

Fave spot or session?
One of my fave spots was for Okanagan Spring a couple of years ago…it was their first-ever TV spot and it was this epic ode to the west coast.

I once tap-danced with the idea of being a tap dancer.