Behind the Scenes

Spatial Audio: Enhancing the Interaction

May 11, 2016

Earlier this month we posted an article on social media announcing that YouTube has launched support for spatial audio for on-demand videos. Spatial audio, just like 360 video, allows you to control the depth, distance, and intensity of the immersive experience. As one may suspect this is changing the way we interact with the world around us. Things that once seemed rigid and in place, are now able to be controlled by the viewer/listener.

Since the exciting news of YouTube’s support for spatial audio was announced, Wave has been quick to embrace the new change. With clients excited for the new technology stumbling in, we have been quick to learn how the intricate technologies are able to enhance the world of commercials. With plug-ins such as Two Big Ears, the once traditional approach of creating a stereo mix has been reworked to meet the requirements of spatial audio.

YouTube Article

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