The General Jingle: Everything Under The Sun

June 6, 2016

Recently Destination Battleford, a client from Saskatchewan, approached us to craft a jingle package for local advertisers in their community.  Jingle packages, as previously discussed, are something that we here at Wave rarely get briefs for anymore. This request however had many intriguing elements that encouraged our composers to go crazy creating five wildly unique options.

The clients wanted a tool they could use to increase awareness about the benefits of visiting and travelling to Battleford, something that they could offer to advertisers in their community for multiple spots. With this in mind our team approached them two weeks later with: a rock style, an inspirational style, and a few others that we believed could encompass their vision of an all-inclusive tune.

Their final choice for general use ended up being our Beatlesque track titled ‘Everything Under The Sun’. The upbeat tempo, broad lyrics, and strong female vocals incorporated together created the all-inclusive feeling Battleford was looking for.

Fun Fact: Throughout the process of creating the prefect jingle for Battleford, Saskatchewan – North Battleford was awarded the honour of being the location for the 2018 Saskatchewan Winter Games. This exciting landmark for Battleford has begun the discussion that our inspirational track we also presented could be suitable for advertising around the big event. Fingers Crossed!