Random Thoughts

Wave’s Website

June 2, 2015

This website started with a series of other changes at Wave. In September 2014 we hired Megan Hughes as the new General Manager. In January 2015 we created a new position and hired Marc Wild as Music Director. Overall, we recognized that our process needed updating – and so did the site.

And though we knew that a new site should go hand-in-hand with a new approach to audio, we’re ‘sound people’ – engineers, producers, sound designers, musicians – not ‘website developers’. So we turned to a bunch of talented folks who could help us build a dynamic and modern site….Enter Tanya Goehring of Post Photography who totally nailed our vision with the pictures she took of our studios, gear and people. And speaking of photography, Clinton Hussey Photography captured photos of each of us for our 2014 Wave Christmas card – we loved ‘em so much we decided to use them as our profile pictures in our ‘contact’ section.

Masterhouse Media did the rest…design, consultation, development, and tons of patience …without their help, you’d be listening to our website.